How to Improve Your Credit Score Before Applying for a Mortgage

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How to improve your credit score before applying for a mortgage

In today’s world, lenders use many different types of credit scoring models. There are virtually hundreds of different models out there for lenders to choose from. Many lenders continue to use conventional models that don’t provide a score for millions of consumers. That often puts younger borrowers such as millennials at a disadvantage. Millennials are less likely to have long credit histories, and they may only have one or two credit accounts. Because young adults today Continue Reading ...

Dock Inspection in Tampa, FL

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dock inspection tampa fl

Anyone who’s buying something can benefit from inspection to discover all underlying issues. This is also true for houses, especially those with waterfront amenities. Sadly, while having a dock is mostly a good thing, it also has its disadvantages. A beachfront environment is harsh and can bring a lot of problems for the property owner. Problems can be of various kinds, from normal wear and tear to soil balance or water pressure. Certainly, a dock inspection will be helpful for an owner of Continue Reading ...

Tampa FL Termite Inspection Radon Mold & Carbon Monoxide Detection Announced

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A leading Tampa home inspection company has announced it can now provide termite inspections for home buyers, sellers, and realtors. SEC Inspection Services is known for its high-quality service and focus on customer experience. Clearwater, United States - May 16, 2019 /PressCable/ — SEC Inspection Services has announced it can provide local customers with full one-stop shop termite inspections, whether they are a home buyer, seller or realtor. The specialist team can show Continue Reading ...

Furnace Inspection in Tampa, FL

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Furnace Inspection in Tampa FL

A furnace is a house staple, especially in cold seasons. While it’s not usual for a furnace to go out of service frequently, it’s still equally important to maximize the life span and all functions of this equipment. This makes furnace inspection important. However, there is a common misunderstanding when it comes to furnace inspection. Most people assume that it’s just a matter of cleaning or replacing the filter. The truth is, a furnace inspection is more time-consuming and complicated. Continue Reading ...

Aluminum Wiring Safety: Electrical Panel Aluminum Wiring Tampa Florida

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Aluminum Wiring Safety Tampa FL

Aluminum wiring in a house could suggest a fire hazard. Houses that were around in the 60s and 70s had aluminum as electrical wiring instead of copper. However, you need to understand that the wiring is not the issue. Aluminum is a safe conductor of electricity. The problem lies in the connections. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, homes that have aluminum wiring are more prone to fire hazards than houses with copper wiring. Making Aluminum Wiring Safe A total rewiring Continue Reading ...

Want a Bathroom Addition? What to Know Before You Cut Through Concrete

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Want a Bathroom Addition What to Know Before You Cut Through Concrete

It’s home improvement season, which means you’re probably dreaming of enhancements to make your space more livable and to enhance property value. Adding a bathroom is a great way to do both, but for many people, concrete poses a potential problem. Want to add a bathroom to your garage? How about adding a powder room in the basement? A bathroom addition means you need proper plumbing, and often in these types of spaces, none exists. You simply have a cold concrete slab and a bit of Continue Reading ...

5 Best Strategies to Beat the Heat and Save Energy This Summer

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5 best strategies to beat the heat and save energy this summer

When the temperatures start going up, so do your energy bills. If you’re looking for ways to save energy and keep your house cooler at the same time, there are a number of strategies you can use that will save you money and make you and your family more comfortable all summer long. 1. Get smart about air conditioning Cool your home using the latest smart technology. LG Electronics’ smart window and portable room air conditioners are a great option to beat the summer heat, as they deliver Continue Reading ...

Money-Saving Roofing Secrets Every Homeowner Should Know

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Money-Saving Roofing Secrets Every Homeowner Should Know

Replacing an aging or damaged roof is an important step in providing crucial protection from the damage the elements can dish out — from heat, wind, and rain, to snow, sleet and hail. But homeowners may not realize that the type of roof shingle they choose can make a big difference, not only in the protection it offers to the home, but also in the cost of their homeowners’ insurance. Here are a few things homeowners should keep in mind when looking to save money with a new roof. Roof Continue Reading ...

You May Just Need a Mold Inspection and Not Know It

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April SEC Mold Inspection Tampa FL Promo

When buying a house, there are certain qualities a buyer looks for. Area or size could be one of them. Some would lean towards the location, while others would rate a house based on its cleanliness. One of the most common issues in a home is mold. Mold is not always visible, especially in new homes. Most people would not know that their house has a mold problem until some scenarios affirm the need to test for mold. Signs You Need a Mold Inspection Allergic reaction, including but not Continue Reading ...

Easy DIY Projects to Enhance Your Yard and Garden

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DIY Projects to Enhance Your Yard and Garden

Itching for summer to arrive, when you can get out and enjoy your yard? Why not plan a DIY project to improve your outdoor space, while encouraging everyone in the family to get outside and have fun together? Here are some projects to consider, and the prep work involved. Check your deck Does your existing deck need repair? Check for loose balusters, rocky railing or other issues needing attention. If you want to resurface your deck or build a new deck, measure the area and research how much Continue Reading ...