Home Inspection Tampa FL: Termite Infestation – How It Can Lower Your Home Value and the Steps You Can Take To Prevent It

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According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, over 600,000 homes experience termite infestation every year. If you think you are fighting this battle alone, there are still about 599,999 homes out there with the same ordeal. Aside from the negative impacts, it has on the structural integrity of your home, termite infestation costs homeowners billions of dollars for repair, termite inspection, and pest control treatment. Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing you should be worrying about. Termites can lower the resale value of your home. So, if you are planning on selling your property, have it inspected right away and consider taking immediate actions such as Termite Inspection to prevent an outbreak.

Just like any other insects and critters there are, termites need to feed themselves. One of the most common types of termites found in North America is subterranean termites. Termites enter your homes through gaps and cracks on your walls. These soft-bodied insects feed on cellulose-based materials such as furniture, boxes, paper, wood, and drywall coverings, all of which are commonly found inside your homes. A window frame would hardly be enough for an entire colony and so termites are always foraging for food. Aside from the wood itself, termites are attracted to the moisture it holds. Hence, inspection companies offer Termite Inspection services.

Below are 6 ways how termites can affect the resale value of your home:

  1.       Weakens structure and lowers aesthetics

          Termite infestation creates hollows and sunken wooden structures.  Termites can cause extensive damages and are capable of eating their way through your home’s support beams. This alone can greatly impact your home’s retail value.

  1.       Reduces at least 20% of the value

          Treating your home right away at the earliest sign of infestation helps maintain your home’s retail value.

  1.       Increase in renovation and repair costs

          More damage means more repair that needs to be done which leads to expensive home repairs and renovation.

  1.       Damages furniture and wooden structures

          Termite can eat their way through. In fact, their appetites are insatiable. Plus, they do not only feed on wooden furniture but paper, carpets, and basically anything that is fibrous and cellulose-based.

  1.       Termites can affect your home’s real estate value

          You will need to disclose any information about the home you’re selling, much more the history or existence of termite infestation. Appraisers will calculate the value of your home and termite damage can definitely impact the calculation.

  1.       Negative image for your listing

          A listing loses prospective buyers because of termite infestation. It would be hard to convince them about the structural integrity of the house when termites had previously chewed on it.

3 Ways You Can Increase Your Resale Value:

  1.       Always call for a professional termite inspection. A good termite inspection conducted by a professional will assure buyers that your home is termite-free.
  2.       Assure buyers by purchasing an extended termite warranty that is transferrable.
  3.       Disclose everything as they are. Provide documentation of all inspections, mitigation, and treatments done to your home.

Here’s How You Can Identify an Infestation

  •         damaged wood structures and sawdust – This is the most visible sign of termite infestation. Check window frames, door frames, and other wooden structures.
  •         mud tubes – usually found in the corners or multiple tubes lined up on walls, mud tubes are made from small pieces of soil and wood. These mud tubes protect them from dry environments and predators.
  •         spongy floors
  •         cracks and gaps in walls, beams, and ceilings
  •         signs of deterioration on windows and doors

How to Prevent Termite Infestation

  •         Block and seal leaks in waterworks
  •         Make sure that no wooden structure has direct contact with soil
  •         Fill in all cracks and gaps
  •         Have a termite inspection scheduled every 2-3 years
  •         Prevent moisture buildup by allowing ventilation in your home
  •     Schedule a regular termite inspection to ensure that your home is protected from possible infestation. 

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