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Tampa Infrared Inspection

SEC Inspection Services, we have set a new standard in Tampa, Florida and the surrounding areas. Our new, innovative Infrared Technology provided on each home inspection makes use of the most advanced technology. Infrared cameras have improved the quality of home inspections in Tampa by providing a more thorough and comprehensive analysis of the property. It allows the inspector to immediately pinpoint any potential issues and efficiently uncover problem areas that are simply not visible to the naked eye. This new technology provides the homeowner with complete peace of mind in the accuracy of their home inspection

Why Choose Our Tampa Infrared Inspections?

An Infrared home inspection provides many different benefits to the homeowner as the color images show visible evidence for:

Potential air duct leaks that can cause wear and tear on your HVAC system
Limited insulation resulting in reduced energy efficiency in the home
Moisture in the walls or roofing which can potentially lead to mold
Potential fire hazards caused by electrical hot spots
Gas leak detection
Roof leak detection
Pest Infestations
Malfunctioning HVAC systems
Defective window installations
Roof leak detection
Possible gas leaks

In addition to identifying these potential problem areas, Infrared home inspections can provide you with complete information about a potential problem. For example, if there is a water stain on the wall, an Infrared inspection can tell if the causative factor that resulted in the leak still needs to be resolved. How large is the REAL scope of the leak? Using Infrared technology, SEC home inspectors can provide you with the answers you are looking for whereas other home inspectors will simply leave you with your questions unanswered.


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