You May Just Need a Mold Inspection and Not Know It

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When buying a house, there are certain qualities a buyer looks for. Area or size could be one of them. Some would lean towards the location, while others would rate a house based on its cleanliness. One of the most common issues in a home is mold. Mold is not always visible, especially in new homes. Most people would not know that their house has a mold problem until some scenarios affirm the need to test for mold.

Signs You Need a Mold Inspection

  • Allergic reaction, including but not limited to frequent headaches, throat irritation, runny nose
  • Unconfirmed mold sighting
  • Damp and musty smell in the surroundings
  • Known leaks or plumbing problems

Mold Inspection General Guide

Here we will discuss how a mold inspection goes. This can serve as a guide for questions you may want to ask your potential mold inspector. This way, you can identify if they know what they’re doing on a general scale.

In the exterior, the inspector will look at factors such as temperature and humidity. They will also look for visible cracks on the foundation. In the interior aspect, on the other hand, the inspector will look at more factors. The consistency of the damp and musty odor, history of water leaks, and maintenance of HVAC systems are just some of the factors that could suggest mold growth.

Overall, what really matters is that you hire an expert when you decide to have a mold inspection done. Mold is disgusting and unsanitary. Therefore, you have to treat it as soon as you confirm it.

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