Wind Mitigation Inspection

What Exactly Is A Tampa Wind Mitigation Inspection?

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A Tampa wind mitigation inspection is a very valuable and necessary inspection that has the potential to save you up to 80% on the cost of your windstorm insurance premium. For very high wind events such as tropical storms or hurricanes, insurance discounts are provided for added building features which can mitigate the damage that would be sustained during these events. The features that can be added to provide wind mitigation include impact resistant glazing, shutter protection for windows, roofs, or other additional construction methods, enhanced roof shingles, hurricane straps or clips, stronger roof decks and more.

The provided discounts are fully justifiable because structures that have more resistance against wind damage will result in a much-reduced cost to the insurance company. The majority of existing structures have at least one or more construction features that are able to qualify for these insurance discounts. For additional information about the insurance companies which offer discounts, you may visit the website of the Florida Wind Insurance Incentives.


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In all of our decades doing wind mitigation inspections, there has never been an incidence where a homeowner’s insurance policy has increased. Let us provide you with the wind mitigation services you need to save on your insurance premiums. Contact us for a free consultation by calling us at (727) 359-0935. We look forward to providing you with the thorough, quality inspection your home deserves. Start saving money when you contact us today!

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